Top tips

  • Enjoy a little of the poppadum and chutney appetizers but avoid deep-fried snacks
  • Ask for foods that are grilled or baked instead of fried
  • Go for chicken, seafood or vegetarian dishes instead of lamb, which can be very fatty
  • Enjoy the variety of vegetarian, bean and lentil dishes available
  • Go for tomato or yoghurt based sauces instead of rich creamy or nut sauces - ask if you're not sure
  • Main course portions are often quite big – why not share a main course meat dish and order an extra portion of vegetables?

indian spicesHealthy choices


  • Lentil, mulligatawny or tomato soups
  • Grilled kebabs
  • Poppadums or bread with chutney and relishes (Aloo Papri Chaat)

Main courses:

  • Yoghurt or tomato based sauces
  • Chicken or prawn dishes
  • Dishes flavoured with ginger, garlic, chilli or coriander
  • Vegetarian dishes such as Aloo Channa, Gobi Aloo, Dal and Bhaingan Bharta
  • Tandoori dishes (baked in a tandoor)

Side orders:

  • Boiled rice
  • Chapati and plain naan bread
  • Raita (yoghurt and cucumber dip) with poppadums
  • Chutneys
  • Onion and chilli salads


  • Fruit sorbet
  • Kheer (rice pudding with fruit)

Where to go easy…


  • Deep-fried pakora, bhaji and samosas
  • Paneer (fried cheese)

Main courses:

  • Cream, nut and coconut sauces
  • Ghee (butter) and lamb dishes

Side orders

  • Stuffed or butter naan breads such as Peshawari, Paratha or Lachhedar
  • Pilau or fried rice


  • Patisa (pastry with pistachio nuts)
  • Kulfi (milk and pistachio ice-cream)
  • Galab Jamun (deep-fried milk dough with syrup)