Food skills

How to master the basics for cooking tasty meals

Cooking is easy when you master a few basic skills. Not only will you be able to ensure that you are getting a nutritious, balanced diet when you cook from scratch, it will save you money, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Did you know that the best way to crack an egg is by tapping it on the table, not on the side of the bowl? You know now! Learn the tricks of the trade in our cooking skills videos. We tackle some of the basic cooking skills, from how to scramble eggs, how to chop a chilli, to how to chop different herbs. Stay sharp in the kitchen by mastering these easy cooking techniques.

(And remember, when chopping a chilli be sure to wash your hands afterwards and avoid contact with your eyes.)

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Tips on shopping for food

Ever been to the shops and arrived home with twice as much food as you planned buying? And if you’re honest, more treats than you intended? You’re not alone, it’s so easy for this to happen. But if you stick to a few golden rules, you’ll make your shopping trips much easier and you’ll end up saving money too!

  • Make a list
  • Don’t shop when you’re very hungry
  • Read the food labels, look for the ingredients list on the back or the side of the packaging to check how much sugar and fat they contain
  • If possible, try not to bring tired, hungry children along with you

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Cooking terms explained

There’s no need to be bamboozled by cooking terms that sound like they’re written in another language. That’s because many of them are! A lot of the techniques we use when cooking have Italian or French names which can be easily explained. You may not realise that you already know how to "sauté"; it means "to fry quickly in a little oil". See? Easy when you know.

Check out our list of cooking techniques and terms to see how many you know already.

Cupboard essentials for quick meals

Make cooking easy by stocking your cupboards with a few essentials that are perfect for rustling up a meal when you’re short on time. Tinned, dried and frozen foods are the tried and trusted reliables you should be sure to keep on hand for making nutritious meals in minutes. And don’t forget about  flavourings. Keep things like lemon juice, herbs, and curry powder in stock to add an instant zing to your dish.