Taste Buds aims to help children enjoy learning about the origins and production of food and the importance of eating a balanced diet.

The interactive resource consists of eight sessions which help teachers deliver the Food and Nutrition Component of the Social Personal Health Education curriculum. Each session takes 30-40 minutes and consists of Classroom Slides, Extension Activities, Teacher’s Notes and Homework suggestions.

The sessions are brought to life by 4 Taste Buds characters who have very different personalities and convey different messages about healthy eating and physical activity. The Taste Buds sessions are "Finding out about food", "Who produces our food?", "Where does our food come from?", "Boosting breakfast", "The big match", "Dancethon", "How food is produced" and "Skateboard competition".


8-10 Year Olds

Topics covered

Origins of food, food producers, how food is produced, a balanced diet, physical activity

How to access the resource

You can access each lesson directly by clicking on the images below.

Finding out about food

Who produces our food?

Where does our food come from?

How food is produced

Boosting breakfast

The big match


Skateboard competition

Introduction to Taste Buds

1. Finding out about food

This session introduces the food pyramid to children and the five food groups contained within the food pyramid. The session also looks at food labels.

2. Who produces our food

This session helps children to understand that a variety of people are involved in bringing the food to our tables and that a number of different people in the community produce and process foods.

3. Where does our food come from

This session helps children to understand that some of our food comes from different countries, and some reasons why. Children will also look at the different types of foods that are eaten in different countries.

4. How food is produced

This session provides an introduction to the origins of food products, and contains video clips showing the origins and production of different foods. This session will help children to understand that different processes are used to make different foods.

5. Boosting breakfast

This session looks at the importance of breakfast and the impact of diet on physical and mental performance.

6. The big match

This session looks at the effect of diet on physical performance. It looks at the five food groups within the food pyramid and how to eat a balanced diet.

7. Dancethon

This session is based around the character Flick's involvement in a dancethon and shows the benefits of diet on self-esteem and physical performance. It encourages children to take responsibility for their food choices.

8. Skateboard competition

This session helps children to realise that having a balanced diet and taking part in physical activity can help make them look and feel great and increase their performance levels.