Organisational structure

safefood is a multidisciplinary organisation with an approved complement of 30 staff. Its four directorates are Marketing and Communications, Corporate Operations, Human Health and Nutrition, and Food Science.

The Chief Executive reports directly to the North South Ministerial Council (NSMC). He is supported by an Advisory Board.



The Corporate Operations directorate ensures that safefood complies with all legal requirements and responsibilities from finance, HR and Information Systems and promoting best practice in all areas of corporate policy making and governance. Corporate Operations has overall responsibility for the research function and the development of the laboratory linkages programme and scientific co-operation.

The remit of the Human Health and Nutrition directorate is in the nutritional safety of food and the prevention of infectious foodborne diseases through safefood’s communication and research programmes.

The Food Science directorate undertakes all aspects of food safety as related to microbiology, chemistry and toxicology including scientific assessments, identifying research and surveys and surveillance of foodborne diseases. Specialist scientific advice and support is also provided to external stakeholders.

The Marketing and Communications directorate promotes the corporate messages of the organisation to a number of key audiences using the most effective channels. The key messages around food safety, food hygiene and nutrition are communicated using a combination of public relations, media relations, advertising, promotional activity, events, direct marketing, publications, sponsorship, website and the safefood helpline.