Accessibility Information Statement


safefood strives to foster a culture of excellence in delivering accessible information through the following strategies: 

  • Use the resources we have effectively, to deliver the best standard of information we can, based on your needs and expectations.
  • Let you know that we are consistent in maintaining high standards by actively seeking customer feedback and reviewing our performance against recognised standards.
  • Learn from situations when a service is not consistent or does not operate as well as we would like.

This particularly includes making information accessible for people with disabilities through accommodating specific requirements or accessibility needs.

How we will do this

Where it is practicable and where funding permits, we will do this using a variety of techniques such as:

Plain English

We will use plain English in publications for the general public, such as leaflets, web pages and information booklets. 

Provision of written material in alternative formats

Where practicable and appropriate, safefood publications aimed at the general public will be available in an accessible format on request. We will consider all requests for alternative formats on a case by case basis. Accessible formats can include:

  • HTML and other electronic formats.
  • Audio version in English.
  • Other alternative formats as may be requested.
  • Large print version in English (at least 16 point).
  • Easy-to-read version.
  • Braille.
  • Audio version in English.

Meetings and events

Appropriate assistance will be provided to people with disabilities to access information on the wide range of services that are provided by us in the following ways:

  • Sign language interpreters and/or Real Time Captioning may be provided for public events, meetings, interviews and other events where necessary and where requested in advance.
  • Invitations and publicity for events will include information on access provision and provide contact details for any requests for extra services.
  • Registration forms for safefood events will ask delegates to provide information about access needs.
  • safefood will meet requests for extra services where it is reasonable to do so within available resources.

Website accessibility 

safefood recognises the importance of ensuring that our site is accessible to everyone. We have taken the following steps:

  • A commitment to achieving a minimum of conformance level AA with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • The site has been designed to comply with usability guidelines and is constantly under review to ensure that our compliance keeps pace with technological developments.
  • Most of the publications/reports on this website are available in both PDF and HTML format for easier reading and printing offline. We are currently working through our archives to bring all documentation up to date.
  • To access the PDF documents you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar which you can download for free.
  • Using Navigation aids. A breadcrumb trail is available at the top of each page to assist in navigation. This will help you know your location on the site at any time.

A breadcrumb showing Home > News > 2017

  • All pages include a search box.

the search box and button

  • All content images used in this site include include a text alternative.
  • We have added a text size changer so that you can quickly enlarge the size of the text on the site. This can be found at the top of each page.

A text sizer. Small, medium and large A

  • We have added a contrast changer. This is found at the top of each page. By clicking on one of the four options you can change the colour of the text and the background of each page.

Contrast changer buttons. Different colour As

  • Text help. We use the latest version of the Browse Aloud screen reader. BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud using the most natural and engaging voice to transform your online reading experience. BrowseAloud Plus helps website visitors who require online reading support and those who simply prefer to listen to information instead of reading it. Those with print disabilities, such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments, and those with English as a second language find BrowseAloud Plus particularly useful.

browse aloud B icon

Appointment of a Disability Access Officer

The Disability Access Officer is Colm McGuinness who can be contacted by e-mailing or calling +353 31 2304100. If you require any assistance or any documents in an alternative form, please do contact Colm.

Staff Training

safefood runs regular equality and diversity awareness training programmes for all its staff. 

Continuing Development

We will ensure that all new content published to the website will be fully accessible. We will aim to ensure more user-friendly content is available and continue converting older publications to HTML.

Our Commitments

  • safefood has implemented the principles of the EU Directive 2016/2102 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. As part of this we carry out regular accessibility reviews and address any issues arising. We welcome all comments, suggestions and details of problems encountered by users. Please do contact us at
  • To continue to improve our conformance level AA with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by aiming for conformance level AAA. 
  • Insofar as practicable, we will use best practice guidelines and resource documents such as the National Disability Agency “First Steps in Producing Accessible Publications” and the Royal National Institute of Blind People “See it Right” Guidelines as reference points for completion of documents.
  • We will avail of the expertise of others involved in the conversion of documents to alternative formats to ensure full accessibility is achieved wherever possible.‚Äč
  • safefood will openly advertise the availability of information in accessible formats to staff and members of the public. We will also ensure that, where practicable and appropriate, information and documents available on our website are available in a format that can be used in conjunction with adaptive technology.

How we will evaluate this statement

We will evaluate on a regular basis through the following methods:

  • Keeping a record of requests for alternative format information.  
  • Reviewing demand for information in alternative formats.
  • Considering feedback received from the public on the accessible information policy and practice.

The Disability Access Officer, in consultation with the Director Corporate Operations at safefood, will monitor the general implementation of this policy and will review it periodically.   


We have established a complaints procedure under our Equality Policy. This allows for complaints to be made by people who access safefood information. 

Letting people know about this policy

safefood will make sure that the public are informed about this statement through future relevant publicity material, information on publications and on the website.

 Reviewed on 3 July, 2017