Description: The Weigh2Live campaign focuses on free, independent advice for losing weight (and keeping it off) in a healthy, sustained way and forgetting about fad dieting. It also directs adults to the Weigh2Live weight loss website for practical advice and interactive tools.

Target audience

Primary: Men aged between 25 – 40 / Women aged between 20 – 40 who are contemplating weight loss or wish to maintain a healthy weight

Secondary: All adults who are contemplating weight loss or wish to maintain a healthy weight

Channels: TV, web, cinema, outdoor, online, print, direct marketing

Website: http://weigh2live.safefood.eu/

Partners: Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (INDI)

Press releases

TV campaign dates

Phase 1 ‘Yo Yo’ dieting: 28 December 2009 (Launch)

Phase 2 ‘John’ and Elaine’: 14 June 2010

Phase 3 ‘John and Elaine’: 23 Aug 2010

About the campaign 

The Weigh2Live campaign was informed by the lastest research (see “Background”) on the island of Ireland (IOI). In addition, focus group research among the target audience was conducted on the island during campaign creative development. This focus group research revealed that the extremes of dieting behaviour were well known to audiences and that the concept of “yo-yo” dieting was understood and well recognised.


Elaine with her takeaway at the drive throughThe Weigh2Live campaign on television was launched on the 29th of December 2009, to benefit from increased awareness in dieting in the lead in to the New Year. Phase 1 of the campaign focused on the problems associated with fad dieting, the so-called ‘Yo Yo’ effect where dieters initially lose weight but then regain it. The campaign also directed consumers to the Weigh2Live website, as a free, independent and credible source of weight loss information and practical advice.

During the launch phase of the campaign, those registering on the Weigh2Live website were given a free, branded pedometer to encourage participants to be more active. This also helped users with focusing on food and activity goals using the website's own interactive tools. The Weigh2Live website is also publicised through leaflets aimed at GP’s and Practice Nurses on the island and consumers accessing health services in general practice.

Pre-campaign focus group research had also identified that distinct groups had different motivations for weight loss. This informed the development of Phase 2 of the campaign which launched in June 2010, continuing the theme of problems associated with weight loss. Two characters, ‘John’ and ‘Elaine’, appeared in separate television advertisements talking about how they are managing their own weight, while viewers realise the characters are probably fooling themselves. The Weigh2Live online resource is also reinforced as a supportive tool in the weight loss journey.

Phase 3 of the campaign in August 2010 included television and cinema advertising as well as new outdoor advertising on 48 and six sheet continuing the campaign themes.

Online resource

By registering on Weigh2Live online, users can access a range of interactive tools to support them in losing weight. The interactive BMI calculator with waist measurement guide allows the user to insert their measurements and may help to identify long term weight management goals. Users can monitor their progress by using the weight and goal tracker, and food and activity diaries; this information is stored in a secure environment and can be updated on a regular basis by the user. The website also offers practical advice on healthy eating whether at home or when eating out, tips on food shopping, understanding food portions, and healthy recipes. It is well known that the group support structure during weight loss can have a positive impact for those taking part. To provide this group support, safefood have launched a Facebook App for Weigh2Live – this allows users to access their Weigh2Live information through their Facebook profile. This feature also allows users to invite friends through their Facebook network to support them; users can also join weight loss communities online and choose from a number of safefood discussion forums through Facebook where they can support each other and share advice.


Population data from the latest SLÁN survey (Survey on Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition) revealed that over a third (34%) of women and almost a quarter of men (23%) in the ROI are trying to lose weight. In NI, data from the Northern Ireland Health and Social Well-being Survey (NIHSWS) has revealed that over a third (38%) of women and almost a quarter of men (23%) are trying to lose weight. This data is set in context against the backdrop of 39% of adults in the Republic of Ireland aged 18-44 years being overweight and 25% obese. In Northern Ireland, comparable data revealed 36% of adults as being overweight and 25% obese.

"Many people consider weight loss plans but often resort to fad diets which are just that - fads. While many people who try these diets may initially lose some weight, all too often they end up putting the weight back on and enter a yo-yo dieting cycle. In reality, there’s no quick fix for losing weight and these fad diets can be very restrictive. /weigh2live.safefood.eu/ can help people on the road to reaching and maintaining a healthier weight. Some people may think 10% is not very much but if you are overweight, losing 10% of your body weight can have a really positive impact on your long-term health.”

Dr. Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, Director, Human Health & Nutrition, safefood.