The 4 Cs

Title: "The 4 Cs”​
Channels: Outdoor, digital, social​
Launch date: 13 November, 2015 and 11 July, 2016


A two year, integrated campaign to raise awareness of the basic principles of food hygiene (the 4 C’s) and to support proactive behaviour change among our target audience of why these behaviours should matter to them.


Whereas previous food safety campaigns have focused on broad audiences comprising those who are mainly responsible for food shopping and cooking, this campaign targets specific audience profiles who are at a greater risk of food poisoning because of their life stage.

The campaign is aimed primarily at those aged over 65 as we know they are more susceptible to the effects of food poisoning than others in the population and are at an increased risk of foodborne disease.

In developing the campaign, we listened to our target audience who told us they recognised that as they get older, they don’t fight bugs or illness like they used to. So the potential for food poisoning at home is something they’re more aware of and eager to avoid. We recognise this age group are very diverse, with many being fitter, active and healthier than people years younger. The older people we listened to felt the campaign messages were practical and relevant to them and were worth being reminded of, even with a lifetime of preparing food at home. 

4 C the risks. Man with conscience and imp on his shoulders

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