Speak Out


safefood’s Speak Out campaign is designed to educate consumers about their rights to food hygiene standards when eating outside the home and empower them to “speak out” if they are not satisfied. Research carried out for the campaign revealed that 53% of people feel reluctant to speak out if they are unhappy with food hygiene standards and 62% will not return to the food establishment if they experience poor food hygiene standards, and will most certainly tell others of their bad experience. With the popularity of eating outside the home, whether it’s grabbing a lunchtime sandwich or salad, having a takeaway or visiting a restaurant, people are increasingly eating food that others have prepared.

Woman doing makeup in a dirty bathroomConsumers can play their part in ensuring the highest standards of food hygiene are met by trusting their own instinct and making informed choices in this area. Signs that consumers should look out for include hot food being hot, cold food being cold, foods being cooked thoroughly, raw and ready to eat foods being kept separate, and a clean and hygienic environment. If consumers have a reason to speak out, they should begin with the person serving them. Failing that, they should speak with the manager of the establishment in question and outline their reasons for doing so.

The “Speak Out” campaign is also working with industry to ensure that consumer comments are handled in a manner which can benefit both supplier and customer in the long run through even higher standards of excellence.

The campaign is supported by radio and outdoor advertising and is endorsed by both the National Consumer Agency and Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.




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