Little Steps

4 kids doing yoga poses in the garden

Little Steps

Partners: Health Service Executive (ROI),
Health Promotion Agency (NI)

Target audience: Parents and guardians of school-going children

Media: TV, radio, outdoor, in-store, web

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Developed by safefood and the Health Service Executive in collaboration with the Health Promotion Agency, Northern Ireland, “Little Steps Go a Long Way” is a major awareness campaign aimed at tackling the serious problem of obesity on the island of Ireland.

Little Steps websiteDesigned to help support and empower parents and guardians as role models for children, the campaign aims to show that by adopting small changes, little steps, to food habits and physical activity can have a big impact over time and lead to a healthier future.

Described as a “one of the most serious public health challenges” by the World Health Organization (WHO), the problem of obesity and looks set to continue growing at a rate of 1% every year on the island. Research carried out for the campaign has demonstrated that the majority of mothers of overweight or obese children think that their children’s weight is fine for their age and those who may realise there is a problem feel overwhelmed by it and think the challenge is too great to tackle.

littlesteps logoResearch has also revealed that 6 in 10 parents find it a struggle getting their children to eat healthy food with almost half of all parents preparing a separate meal for their children. However, reluctance to trying new foods can be overcome by exposing children to them more frequently.

The campaign offers parents practical advice and support in trying to make little changes to their diet and physical activity, whether it’s useful tips for healthier shopping, different ways to get more active together or handy hints on how to deal with snacks and treats.

The Little Steps campaign is supported by television, radio, digital and in-store advertising, and a free, 22 page booklet packed with advice for parents is available from or by calling the safefood helpline.