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Snacking in itself is not unhealthy, it’s what you eat that counts. If you are reducing treat foods and switching to healthier snacks we have loads of ideas to help you.

These snacks are high in nutrients; some are good for ‘on-the-go’, some are bigger and some are smaller, depending on your child’s schedule and their needs.

A handful of almonds
sliced apple
Sliced apple
baked beans
Baked beans on wholemeal toast
A banana
boiled egg
A boiled egg and wholemeal toast
carrot sticks
Raw carrot sticks
A raw celery stick
melted cheese on toast
A slice of toast with melted cheese and tomato
cherry tomatoes
A small bunch of cherry tomatoes
A clementine
A small bunch of grapes
honeydew melon
A slice of honeydew melon
low fat milk
A glass of low-fat milk
low fat natural yoghurt
A small pot of law-fat natural yoghurt
milk and banana
Low fat milk and a banana
A bowl of muesli (no added sugar) with low-fat milk
Slices of peach
A handful of peanuts
Slices of peppers
Pineapple rings
A small bowl of homemade popcorn
rice pudding
Low-fat rice pudding
scrambled egg
Scrambled egg with a slice of wholemeal toast
strawberries and yoghurt
Strawberries with low-fat natural yoghurt
bananas on toast
A slice of wholemeal toast with bananas
processed cheese
A triangle of cheese
vegetable soup
A small bowl of vegetable soup
A handful of walnuts
breadsticks and hummus
3 breadsticks with hummus
Carrots, celery and hummus
Hummus with raw carrot and celery sticks


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