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Why tackle treats

START - Top 3 tips for managing treats

Dr Aileen McGloin's top 3 tips for managing treats:

  1. Have 1 treat in the trolley rule
  2. Use other rewards
  3. Agree as a family

START - Why tackle treats?

Dr Aileen McGloin, Director of Marketing and Communications, explains why safefood are encouraging parents to START tackling treats.

The benefits of being active with your children

Peadar Maxwell, Child Psychologist on the benefits of parents and children spending time being active together. 

How to be more active as a family

Professor Marie Murphy and Dr Niamh Murphy show how you can break your activity up into shorter bouts.

Are screens in the bedroom a problem?

Dr John Sharry explains how TVs, mobiles and computers in children's bedrooms can effect the ease of falling asleep.

Physical activity guidelines

Professor Marie Murphy and Dr Niamh Murphy say that children need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. 

How to reduce kid's portion sizes

Dr Claire McEvoy, Research Fellow, Centre for Public Health, has some help on reducing children's portion sizes, and some alternatives to sugary treats.

Breaking bad habits

Reducing treat food: Breaking bad habits in children. Dr John Sharry, psychologist and parenting expert, explains.


Reducing treat food: How to deal with childrens' demands.

Bribes or rewards?

Reducing treat food: What's the difference between a bribe and a reward?

Healthy habits

Reducing treat food: Setting up healthy habits in children.

Changing your treat routine

Dr John Sharry explains how you can start changing your treat food routine.

Top 3 tips for saying "No" to treats

Dr John Sharry lists his top 3 tips for saying "No" to unhealthy treats.

Healthy snacks for children

Examples of healthy snacks for children, and how these can help the kids eat a full meal. She also has a great technique for introducing new foods in the diet.

How do you establish a good bedtime routine?

Dr Fiona Healy, Consultant General & Respiratory Paediatrician, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital explains how to set up a good bedtime routine for different aged kids.

Treat foods and pester power

Peadar Maxwell has advice on making new rules about food, helping children to try new foods and how to deal with pester power.

Getting children interested in food

Explaining food pushers, getting children interested in food by involving them with the shopping and preparation, and setting goals.

Helping fussy eaters

Sarah Keogh, Consultant Dietitian, has simple tips for helping fussy eaters and explains why water and milk are the best drinks for children.


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