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Healthy Meals

10 tips to reducing children's treats

We’ve got the support and advice you need to make “treats” just that – a treat again.

Advice for parents on how to reduce treats

'How to' advice from parenting and healthy eating experts on reducing treats at home.

Healthy snack ideas

Rather than reaching for treat food when your kids are hungry, here’s a list of healthy snack ideas to give them – at home or on the go.

Your questions answered

We've asked parenting and healthy eating experts to answer your questions on how to reduce treats and encourage healthy eating at home.

Tackling treats

As parents we struggle to avoid treats as a daily food and find it hard to say no to treats when their kids ask for them. Here’s our advice...

What is a healthy breakfast?

A healthy start could help them have a better day, especially at school, BUT, you have to make it happen at the busiest time of the day. Here’s how…

What is a healthy snack?

Children often get hungry between meals and it’s important that snacks provide important nutrients, in the same way their meals do.

What is a healthy lunch?

Are you tired of preparing the same old thing for lunch? Finding inspiration isn't easy. But here are some practical tips and tasty options that might tempt your little ones.

What is a healthy dinner?

Dinner doesn’t have to take long, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. We have some tips that might just help.

6 Tips for planning meals

Parents say that planning really helps them make sure they can pull together healthy meals, no matter how busy things get. These tips will help:

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