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There are lots of ways to change what you eat. To improve your diet and make healthier choices try some of our food swaps...

Fats and oils

Butter Half the amount of a low-fat spread or reduced-fat spread
Mayonnaise Low-fat mayonnaise or relish or chutney
Salad dressing Reduced-fat dressing
Vegetable oil Small amount of olive / canola / rapeseed oil

Meat, poulty and fish

Beef/lamb/bacon/pork Cuts with little visible fat and trim any remaining fat or remove all skin
Chicken/turkey Remove all skin
Tuna Tuna in brine instead of in oil
Sausages Reduced-fat or vegetarian meals

Milk, yogurt and cheese

Yoghurts Plain or fruit low-fat yogurt
Cheese Reduced-fat cheeses or small amounts of lower-fat cheese (e.g.Edam, mozzarella, Brie)
Milk Low-fat, skimmed or fortified milk


All day Water or milk
At meal times only

Fresh fruit juice (100ml once a day).

Well-diluted cordials (e.g. with 5 parts water to 1 part cordial)

Foods high in fat, sugar and salt

Crisps Low-fat crisps, rice cakes or popcorn
Chocolate Fun-sized chocolate bars
Biscuits Low-fat or plain biscuits
Hot chocolate Choose low-calorie hot chocolate or cocoa
Chips Oven chips
Ice-cream Low-fat frozen yogurt/ ice-cream/ ice-pops
Cream Low-fat natural yogurt

Remember: not everyday! - two biscuits

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