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The games you played

What games did you play as a child? What games could you play with your children now?

Ideas from parents

Sometimes it is hard for parents to think of activities to do with their children. We go out on the streets and ask parents how they encourage physical activity with their kids.

Are screens in kid's bedrooms a problem? 

Do things like iPads and mobiles in kid's bedrooms have an effect on their bedtime routine and sleep? 

The connection between sleep and bodyweight

A lot of parents are suprised to learn that their is a connection between sleep and bodyweight.


If a parent wants to cut down on treats, what's your advice?

How often?

How often do your children get treats like crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolate?

Managing foods that should be treats

Children tend to pester you for treats when you're out and about. Do you give in?

Reducing portion sizes

At mealtimes, children should get smaller portions than yours. Do you do that?

Replacing sugary drinks

Would you believe that a 500ml bottle of fizzy drink can contain up to 11 cubes of sugar?


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