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Parenting is tough. You are tougher. Start Now.

Physical Activity

Our TV ad explaining how and why we should exercise more with our children. In this example, by walking to school.

Portion Sizes

Our TV ad explaining why, and how, to reduce your child's portion sizes.


Research now shows that not getting enough sleep can be another factor in children becoming overweight, which could lead to heart disease and even cancer as they get older. So let's make bedtime, sleeptime.


Our TV ad showing how we give our children biscuits, chocolate, crisps and sweets everyday.

Treats - Behind the scenes

Marian Faughnan, our Chief Nutrtitionist, explains our latest TV ad. She also has practical snack advice for parents of hungry kids coming in from school.

Saying "No" In The Supermarket

Our TV ad showing how you can say "No" to treat foods at the supermarket.

Sugary Drinks

Our TV ad explaining why, and how, we should replace our children's sugary drinks with water or milk.

Radio Ads

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