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What’s stopping your 5-a-day?

If you find fruit and vegetables go off too quickly….

  • Buy a small amount of loose fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Keep your freezer stocked with frozen fruit and vegetables – these count too!
  • Buy frozen fruit and vegetables with no added sauce or other ingredients
  • Have some dried fruit in the cupboard for times when other fruits have run out, to add to breakfast cereals and use as snacks
  • Have some tinned fruit (buy those ‘in their own juice’) in the cupboard
  • Buy tinned vegetables with the lowest salt content

If you find fruit and vegetables too expensive…

  • Opt for fruit and vegetables that are in season
  • Shop around, lots of supermarkets have offers on fruit and vegetables
  • Opting for frozen and tinned varieties can be cheaper than fresh

If you find fruit and vegetable preparation too time consuming…

  • Buy bite size fruit and vegetables – try sugar snap peas, baby corn and tomatoes. These just need a quick wash and are quick to cook
  • Buy fresh or frozen ready chopped fruit and vegetables
  • Plan your meals. Chop your fruit and vegetables the evening before you need them and store in the fridge

What's stopping your 5-a-day? infographic


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