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How much sugar is in your drinks?


Sugary drinks are linked with excess weight in children.

They include fizzy drinks, squashes, cordials and juice drinks. Milk and water are the best choices.


  • If your family loves soft drinks or other sweetened drinks, reduce them gradually.
  • Start by adding plenty of water to cordials and squashes.
  • Add extra water each time to squashes and cordials to reduce your child’s taste for sweetness.
  • Keep sweetened drinks for the weekend.
  • Make water freely available between meals.
  • Water is tastier when it’s cold: put a jug of water in the fridge
  • Add a slice of lime, lemon or orange to give it flavour and colour.

Here is a handy infographic showing the amount of sugar (as teaspoons) in common drinks you may give your children. Click for a full size poster:‚Äč

an infographic showing how many sugar cubes in juice drinks


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