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Easy ways to 5-a-day for you and your family


  1. Sprinkle cereal with chopped fruit
  2. Enjoy a small (150ml) glass of unsweetened fruit juice (remember only counts as one of 5-a-day)
  3. Top toast with a banana


  1. Add crunch to sandwiches with veggies
  2. Finish off lunch with a piece of fruit
  3. Salads make a nice alternative to sandwiches for lunch
  4. Homemade vegetable soup makes a hearty lunch and is great for the weekends


  1. Add extra veggies to stews, sauces, stir-fries, casseroles, omelettes and curries – fresh, frozen, dried and tinned all count
  2. Try adding fruit to yoghurt for dessert
  3. Serve 2-3 different vegetables with dinner


  1. Fruit and vegetables make a great snack
  2. Vegetable sticks and a nutritious dip are very tasty – choose –choose hummus or cream cheese

Eating out

  1. Order a side of vegetables or salad
  2. Add an extra ingredient, for example ask for extra mushrooms on your pizza
  3. Order a smaller portion of an adult meal for children – these are more likely to contain vegetables

Easy ways to eat 5-a-day infographic


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