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Healthy Living

Reducing screen time

Reducing your family’s screen time will help increase physical activity and family time

Getting active

Physical activity includes all kinds of movement, whether that’s organised sports, or active play.

It's Bedtime

Figure out a bedtime routine that suits you and your child and try to stick to it .

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and veg are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre to help keep us healthy.

Portion sizes

Children’s appetites vary from day to day but the tips below will help you to make sure they get enough, but not too much to eat.

How much sugar is in your drinks?

A handy infographic showing the amount of sugar (as teaspoons) in common drinks you may give your children.

What's in your cereal?

If the cereal name or description sounds sugary then it most likely is.

What’s stopping your 5-a-day?

Do you find fruit and veg too expensive? Do you find they go off to quickly...?

Easy ways to 5-a-day for you and your family

How to have fruit or veg at every meal.

What's in your child's yoghurt?

Natural yoghurt is the best choice to avoid added sugar. Chop up some whole fruit to add sweetness.

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