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Less screen time

Zero screen time is recommended for children under 2 years


  1. Figure out how much screen time is typical for your family and aim to cut it in half.
  2. Don’t make too many strict rules at once. Start gradually and reduce by 30 minutes a day or every second day
  3. Remove screens from your children’s rooms.
  4. Explain to family and friends that you are reducing screen time and make sure that TV watched outside the home is part of their daily allowance or goal.
  5. Make meal-times a technology-free zone – no phones, TV, computers etc.
  6. Don’t forget to practise what you preach – if you’re attached to your device for long periods of time, your children will expect to be as well.
  7. Have a 'no tech day' once a week and plan some active time with your family. Turn off:
    • TV
    • Video games
    • Computers
    • DVDs

a game console controller

- Gradually reduce by 30 minutes a day or every second day.

two young sisters sitting in front of the tv aim for less than 2 hours of screen time a day drawing of a waving boy

less screen time:

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