What’s in your favourite wraps?

Date: September, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-905767-53-3



This survey is one of a series of nutritional surveys safefood has commissioned. The others include;

This survey looks at the nutritional content of a popular and convenient "on-the-go" food, the wrap, and sheds light on whether it is a healthy option.

wraps report coverIn recent times, eating food prepared outside of the home has become the norm for many people on the island of Ireland. A quarter of eating or drinking occasions in the Republic of Ireland and an average of 11% of a person’s energy intake in the United Kingdom now involve food prepared and cooked outside of the home. However, research shows that food prepared outside of the home contains considerably more dietary fat and is much lower in fibre and micronutrients than food prepared and cooked in the home.

Generally wraps consist of tortilla bread rolled to contain a variety of fillings, and they are increasingly becoming a popular easy-to-eat and portable option for lunch on the go. However, little is known about their nutritional content. Previous safefood-funded research has shown that certain foods are often perceived to be healthier, giving the person a "licence" to overeat. Similarly, wraps are frequently marketed as a healthy lunch option. It is important to bear in mind that typically only about one-third of our daily calories should be consumed at lunchtime.

With two-thirds of the adult population carrying excess body weight, in addition to consuming high amounts of salt and fat and low amounts of fruit, vegetables and fibre on the island of Ireland, the risk of developing common chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers is increasing.

Given the diversity of wraps available from sandwich outlets, coffee shops, cafes and delicatessens, this survey was designed to provide an insight into the energy (calorie), total fat, saturated fat, protein and salt content of three popular takeaway wraps available at various establishments on the island of Ireland.