Research reports

A Review of the Milk Supply Chain

Date: April 2008. The milk review revealed that young women and teenage girls should increase their consumption of milk to improve their calcium intake.

A Review of the Beef Food Chain

Date: February 2008. This review of the beef food chain revealed that men are eating too much beef and women are eating too little.

A Review of the Fruit and Vegetable Food Chain

Date: January 2007. This review showed that based on the balance of current scientific evidence, organic fruit and vegetables are no safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced varieties.

The Economic Impact of Gastroenteritis on the Island of Ireland

Date: 2007. The main objective of this study was to estimate the economic burden of gastroenteritis on the island of Ireland.

Consumer Focused Review of the Finfish Food Chain

Date: March 2006. Our review into the finfish food chain on the island of ireland revealed that despite a highly regulated industry producing a very nutritious food source, the consumption of fish remains low.


A Comparative Study of Thermophilic Campylobacter Isolates of Clinical, Food and Pet Origin

Date: 2006. Recent research, funded by safefood, has indicated a high occurrence of the food poisoning bacterium, Campylobacter in raw poultry, particularly chicken, with 49.9% of retail samples of raw chicken testing positive for the bacterium.

FoodMicro Database

Date: 2006. The food industry on the island of Ireland carries out extensive testing of their food products but results of these analyses are not normally released for public evaluation.

Surveillance of Foodborne Pathogens on the island of Ireland

Date: The collection of data for the purpose of managing food safety includes both monitoring and surveillance. Monitoring is a system of collecting and disseminating data.

Training pack for GPs in the prevention and control of food-related disease outbreaks

Date: January, 2005. Practical tools and approaches for GPs on the topic of infectious food borne illness with concise information about diagnosis, treatment and disease notification.

Novel Strategies for Food Risk Communication

Date: 2005. The research, conducted by a team led by Dr. Mary McCarthy, UCC, and funded by safefood, provides evidence that while many consumers know the 'good' practices in food hygiene, every day practice varies considerably. 

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