Research reports

Telephone Survey of Infectious Intestinal Disease in the Republic of Ireland

Date: May, 2013. This report describes a telephone survey commissioned by safefood to obtain data on the self reported incidence of IID in the population on the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

An Assessment of the Microbiology of Hand Contact Surfaces in the Retail Environment

Date: May, 2013. This study aimed to assess the microbiology of food and hand contact surfaces in the retail environment and the potential for these surfaces to act as vehicles for the spread of foodborne pathogens.

Demonstration Programme of Community Food Initiatives

Date: April, 2013. An evaluation of a three year safefood funded programme, delivered by Healthy Food for All, of seven Community Food Initiatives based in areas of socio-economic deprivation across the island of Ireland.

Bodyweight Perception on the Island of Ireland

Date: November, 2012. In recent years, the prevalence of overweight/obesity has increased dramatically, both globally  and on the island of Ireland, with a myriad of factors affecting this change.

The cost of overweight and obesity on the Island of Ireland

Date: November, 2012. The overall aim of the project was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the cost of overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland.

Measuring Food Poverty In Ireland

Date: October, 2012. A first step in measuring the experience of food poverty in Ireland by combining three food deprivation items to quantify the level of food poverty today.

Examining Nutrition Surveillance on the island of Ireland

Date: October, 2012. This report outlines recent and current activities contributing to nutrition surveillance on IOI and makes recommendations for the future.

MSG usage in the ethnic food catering industry

Date: October, 2012. safefood has carried out a survey of MSG use in Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants and take-away outlets in Cork and Belfast.

What's in your Chinese Takeaway?

Date: October, 2012. The aim of this report is to provide a snapshot of the nutritional composition of a sample of Chinese meals purchased from a selection of Chinese takeaway outlets on the island of Ireland.

Consumer Focused Review of the Chicken Food Chain

Date: September, 2012. This review found that chicken is now a key protein source for many consumers on the island of Ireland with eight out of ten adults now eating chicken every week. (Updated 2012)

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