Research reports

A Review of Coccidiostat Residues in Poultry

Date: 2003. This wide ranging report covers information and findings from aspects in the chain from feed to harvesting, delivery and manufacturing within the broiler industry on the island of Ireland.

Acute Gastroenteritis in Ireland, North and South - A Study of General Practitioners

Date: 2003. The principal aim of this study was to describe general practitioners management of patients with acute infectious gastroenteritis.

Acute Gastroenteritis in Ireland, North and South - A Telephone Survey

Date: September 2003. The telephone survey of almost 10,000 households was carried out over 12 months and found that in any four-week period 4.5% of the population will have an episode of acute gastroenteritis.

A Review of the Health Effects of Stimulant Drinks

Date: 2002. Whether used as a mixer with alcohol or an energy booster taken alone, stimulant drinks have raised issues and concerns which are addressed in this report.

Towards the Enhancement of Foodborne Disease Surveillance

Date: 2002. Foodborne disease is a source of increasing morbidity and fatality in the island of Ireland. It also has an economic impact.

North/South Ireland Food Consumption Survey

Date: 2001. In the wake of BSE and other food scares, consumers have been primarily concerned with issues of food safety.

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