Research reports

A Study of Food Safety Knowledge, Microbiology and Refrigeration Temperatures in Restaurant Kitchens on the Island of Ireland

Date: 2005. The study found that, in general food handling practices in the restaurants were good.


Consumer Food Safety Knowledge, Microbiology and Refrigeration Temperatures in Domestic Kitchens

Date: 2005. This study examined consumer food safety knowledge on the island of Ireland. Domestic refrigerators were tested for the presence of a range of pathogenic bacteria.

Standard of Healthy Living on the Island of Ireland

Date: 2005. Ireland experiences marked social inequalities in health, seen in the variation in health outcomes, especially mortality, across the different social groupings.

Research Portfolio 2000 - 2005

Date: 2005. Food safety research is an important function within safefood's legislative remit, and is an area that the organisation has been active in since its inception. 

Issuing Temperature Guidance to Consumers on the Cooking and Storage of Food

Date: 2004. Temperature control is critical to ensuring food safety for all consumers, currently there is much advice and guidance to consumers on this matter.

Assessing the Effectiveness of HACCP Implementation and Maintenance

Date: 2004. safefood has found that a shortage of technical expertise is preventing food manufacturing plants on the island from achieving the highest standards in food safety policy.

Strategic Development Review of Health Board Food Control Laboratories

Date: 2004. The key recommendation of the report is the move from a fragmented activity to the establishment of a single laboratory service, which will be known as the Food Safety Laboratory Service (FSLS).

Foodborne infections & gastrointestinal disease on the island Of Ireland in 2002

Date: 2003. This report is an examination and review of the clinical surveillance data collected in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

A Review of Coccidiostat Residues in Poultry

Date: 2003. This wide ranging report covers information and findings from aspects in the chain from feed to harvesting, delivery and manufacturing within the broiler industry on the island of Ireland.

Acute Gastroenteritis in Ireland, North and South - A Study of General Practitioners

Date: 2003. The principal aim of this study was to describe general practitioners management of patients with acute infectious gastroenteritis.

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