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Minimum nutritional standards for catering in health and social care

Date: June, 2017. For staff and visitors across all catering and retail outlets and vending.

Hand sanitisers - their use and efficacy

Date: June, 2017. On the efficacy of hand sanitisers, compared to hand washing with soap and water, in removing foodborne pathogens from hands. 

Safe hands

Date: 2006. Did you know that a quick rinse under the tap doesn’t actually get rid of dangerous germs? Most people don’t dry their hands either, but leaving hands damp actually helps germs to breed in the moisture.

Cooking meat safely

Date: 2006. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when burgers and sausages are properly cooked and ready to eat. These meats can contain harmful bacteria throughout and it is important that they are cooked thoroughly to make them safe to eat.

Identifying what influences the shopping habits of food hypersensitive consumers

Date: March, 2017. Including the obstacles they face and the level of trust they have in food suppliers.

The impact of climate change on dairy production

Date: February, 2017. To investigate the potential food safety, economic and environmental impacts of climate change on the dairy production chain

Burnt outside but raw in the middle?

Date: 2006. To check that a burger or sausage is properly cooked, cut into the middle with a clean knife and check that it is piping hot all the way through, there is no pink meat left and the juices run clear.

The ABC to BBQs

Date: 2006. When planning a barbecue this summer, bear in mind these simple rules so your friends, family and neighbours go home with memories of a good time - not a bug to remember you by!


Cooking and food skills – the current picture

Date: July, 2016. A snapshot of cooking and food skills among adults on the island of Ireland and their relationship with diet.

What is the cost of a healthy food basket in the Republic of Ireland in 2016?

Date: November, 2016. Regarding increasing concerns of poverty and the challenges facing low-income families to afford a minimum essential food basket.

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