Official Papers

British Irish Agreement Act 1999

The Act that makes provision in relation to the North South Ministerial Council set out under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Declaration of Interests

The following provisions for the declaration of interests and withdrawal from meetings are intended to prevent the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Advisory Board from being influenced, or appearing to be influenced, by their private interests in the exercise of their collective public duties.

Financial memorandum

The memorandum describes in detail the responsibilities of the Chief Executive and also sets out a range of requirements for the Body to fulfill in terms of financial planning, business planning, reporting and audit and a wide range of financial and management controls.

Educating for Health, Shaping our Future

To understand the role of schools in teaching food safety and nutrition, safefood carried out a review of the curriculum, food safety and nutrition education initiatives, and food policies and practices in schools.

A Children’s Advertising Code:Response to the BCI Consultation Phase 2

Advertising affects our diet and health.  Recent research indicates that the diet advertised to children contrasts strongly with the recommended diet.  

Enteric reference service for the island of Ireland - a consultation paper

To further the growth of consumer confidence in the food supply chain on the island of Ireland, safefood has a statutory function to develop a strategy for the effective delivery of a specialised all-island enteric laboratory service. This document formed the basis of safefood's consultation process.