With all the choice available these days it can be easy to forget just how good regular foods can be. Take wholegrain breads for example. They contain carbohydrates, fiber, iron and B vitamins. They’re real ‘superfoods’ that can keep you going for longer and take care of your digestive system. 

Foods for steady energy

Wholegrain bread belongs to a family of foods that includes potatoes, pasta, rice, wholegrain breakfast cereals and other cereals. These are the foods that release energy slowly into the body throughout the day and keep us going between meals. Many people don’t eat enough wholegrain foods, which means their fibre intake is too low.

Superstar qualities uncooked pasta

For a while, people were avoiding these ‘superfoods’ to try to lose weight on ‘low carb’ diets. That was a bad idea for lots of reasons. Mostly, because your energy level would be really low if you cut these foods out, but also because you could miss out on important vitamins, minerals, like iron and calcium, and fibre.

All good reasons to keep eating plenty of wholegrain ‘superfoods’. So why not switch to wholegrains – it’s a small change that will bring big benefits.

Base each meal on a starchy food

Where you can, choose the brown varieties over the white.

And finally

Remember to drink plenty of fluids (1.2 litres per day) to help the fibre do its job.

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