Picnic perfection

Date: 2008


Far too often when we pack the picnic basket we leave behind the good habits that keep us safe from food poisoning at home. Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid potential perils of picnics.

Before you start

  • Give any cooked food enough time to cool thoroughly before you set out
  • Remember to wash fruit and salad vegetables thoroughly before you pack them
  • Store foods in sealed containers or packages to prevent cross-contamination
  • Use a cool-bag with enough ice or ice packs to keep the food chilled
  • Leave foods in the fridge until the very last moment before you leave – then pack them immediately into the cool-bag
  • Pack food in the cool-bag in the reverse order of how you’ll be using it – food needed last at the bottom and so on
  • Bring hand wipes to clean your hands if there’s no water available at your destination

During your picnic

  • Put the cool-bag in the coolest part of your car – away from direct sunlight – and keep the cool-bag in the shade
  • Only open the cool-bag when you are ready to serve the food.
  • Keep food covered whenever possible – this is to protect it from insects, birds and pets, which can carry bacteria
  • Put foods back in the cool-bag as soon as you finish eating. Don’t leave them out

A picnic graphicPicnic left-overs

  • When travelling home if there is still ice left in the cooler, and you are certain that the food has not been left out or warmed up, then your food should be safe

And finally

  • If in doubt, throw it out

For more information or to order a copy of this leaflet email info@safefood.eu or call the safefood helpline:

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