Fruit and Vegetables

Date: 2007


You’ve probably noticed that people are getting more and more into their health these days: going to the gym, buying fancy ‘functional foods’ packed with extra vitamins, calcium, and so on. That’s all great, but what people may not realise is that some of the most ordinary foods are actually quite extraordinary. Genuine ‘superfoods’, in fact.

Extraordinarily super food

Fruit and vegetables are superfoods. Why? Because they contain awhole lot of different vitamins and minerals, they’re low in fat and calories and also have some fibre. All that, and flavour and colour for your meals as well.

If you don’t eat much fruit or veg at the moment, it’s okay to start slowly and increase from one portion this week to two next week and so on. Including some fruit and vegetables at every meal helps you reach your 5 a day. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Enjoy!


Chop some fruit on your cereal, like banana or strawberries. Raisins are good too. Have some mushrooms or tomato with a poached or scrambled egg.

a selection of fruitLunch

Have some salad veg in your sandwich (you can pack them separately if you are worried about soggy bread). Make some hearty homemade vegetable soup.


Keep going with a crunchy piece of fruit or some veggie sticks. Pack some raisins for a chewy sweet fix.


Include 2 or 3 different vegetables with dinner. If you are making a stew, casserole, shepherd’s pie, curry or the like, throw in some vegetables. For dessert why not try some fruit with yoghurt or ice-cream?

Nutritionists recommend that we try to eat at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables each day. But they come in so many shapes and sizes it can be difficult to know what a portion is. Here’s a handy guide.

image of a table with some portion examplesFor more information or to order a copy of this postcard email or call the safefood helpline:

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