Burnt outside but raw in the middle?

Date: 2006


Sometimes it’s hard to tell when burgers and sausages are properly cooked and ready to eat. These meats can contain harmful bacteria throughout and it is important that they are cooked thoroughly to make them safe to eat.

To check  that a burger or sausage is properly cooked, cut into the middle with a clean knife and check that it ispiping hot  all the way through, there is no pink meat left and the juices run clear. If you need an extra check you can use  these disposable temperature sticks. Once you have used these sticks you’ll know what the meat should look like next time round.

What do these temperature sticks do?

  • They can help you tell when the inside of the meat is thoroughly cooked
  • If the meat is hot enough then the panel at the end of the thermometer will turn dark blue. If it is not hot enough then the panel will either not change colour or turn light blue

Can I use them on all types of meat?

The sticks are designed to be used when cooking burgers or sausages only.

How do I use the disposable temperature stick?

  • Wash your hands before handling the temperature sticks
  • Remove a stick from the pack, but leave the plastic on the end
  • Insert the pointed end into the centre of the meat at the thickest part as shown in the illustration overleaf
  • Wait for three seconds
  • Remove the stick from the meat
  • If the panel at the end of the stick is dark blue, then the meat is hot enough – it is thoroughly cooked
  • If it has not turned entirely dark blue then the meat is NOT hot enough – it needs to be cooked some more
  • If this is the case then remove the stick, cook the meat for a few more minutes and re-check it with a fresh temperature stick

Can I re-use them?

No. Use it once – then throw it away!

Tips for thorough cooking

For top tips on thorough cooking please see the safefood leaflet Cooking meat safely (PDF, 250KB).

For more information or to order a copy of this booklet email info@safefood.eu or call the safefood helpline:

NI 08000851683
ROI 1850404567