Have a healthy, happy Christmas

Date: December, 2009


booklet cover pic of turkeyThis booklet tells you how to have a safe, cheap and delicious Christmas. It includes tips on how to be a thrifty shopper and the important food safety tips you need to know this Christmas. 

Make your Christmas special and cheap by cooking it all yourself this year. This booklet includes delicious recipes for cooking your Christmas dinner, healthier desserts and some cheap and cheerful leafover ideas for your leftover turkey.

Christmas shopping tips

We tend to think of Christmas as a time to spend, but buying more food than you really need is expensive and often leads to overeating or waste. Planning what you buy will help your money go further and can make your Christmas healthier, too.

Here are some tips:

  • family with presentsPlan your meals over Christmas and then make a shopping list – and keep to it
  • Avoid ‘special offers’ – except for things on your list
  • Only buy what you need – the shops are only shut for two days
  • Don’t buy too big a turkey – you may be fed up with it before it is eaten up
  • Freeze leftovers – you can use them up during January which will save you money
  • Look for loose vegetables – and just buy what you need
  • Look for good value fresh fruit. Supermarket special offers may be useful here!
  • Canned fruit – especially canned fruit in juice – makes a convenient alternative
    to fresh fruit and can be used to make healthy puddings
  • Biscuits, chocolates and crisps are expensive. They contain a lot of fat, sugar
    and salt. How many of these do you really need?
  • Bake a cake or some biscuits instead of buying them
  • Alcohol is high in calories. If you buy less alcohol you will save money

The original booklet was developed by the Community Food and Nutrition Team, Western Health and Social Care Trust in support of Shepherds View Young Parents Project in Northern Ireland. This version was produced by safefood in collaboration with the Community Food and Nutrition Team, Western Health and Social Care Trust.