A good practice guide for school food initiatives

Date: May, 2009
ISBN: 9780956050205


Healthy Food for All published this guide in 2009 which looks at school food provision, funding sources, developing a school food policy and much more. 


A Good Practice Guide for School Food Initiative

Rather, this Guide was developed through extensive consultation with schools, community groups, health professionals and suppliers who are currently involved in providing food in school. Research was also conducted on approaches in Northern Ireland and in other countries. Finally, we consulted with Government and social partner stakeholders at national level to get their views as to the main issues to be addressed.

Section A

Looks at school food provision, i.e. the means whereby food is provided to children at school. It examines available funding programmes for school food provision, describes how to access such programmes and explores the different types of direct school food provision such as school lunches, breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs. This section also offers guidance on how to set up a School Food Initiative (SFI), including advice on topics such as carrying out a needs assessment, writing aims and objectives and evaluating the success of the initiative.  

Section B

Covers school food policy. Such a policy addresses all aspects of food consumption in schools, whether the food is directly provided by the school/community or brought in by pupils from outside, and connects food consumption to other issues such as physical exercise, the school curriculum, environmental awareness and home–school–community links. This section provides practical information on the key steps involved in developing and implementing a school food policy. It aims to inspire schools to take a whole school approach to food over time which will ensure that the healthy eating messages taught in the classroom are mirrored by good practice in terms of all the food provided and consumed in the school setting. This section also presents practical information on healthy lunchboxes, healthy breaks, water provision in school and school growing projects.

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