3. Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Longitudinal study of changes in body mass index (BMI), anthropometric measures, dietary intake and physical activity in cohorts of school going adolescents in both Junior and post-Junior cycles

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Commencement Date:

October, 2004

Project Duration:

36 months


Worldwide, the prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing. Obesity in adolescence is a strong predicator of adult obesity. This project involved a longitudinal study over a 3-year period of changes in Body Mass Index (BMI) and other anthropometric measures together with information on dietary and exercise patterns in a cohort of students in the junior school cycle.

A similar longitudinal survey was conducted in a second cohort of students in the post-junior cycle. This generated new data on the adolescent age group 12-18 yrs. This data is important in understanding the evolution during adolescence of changes in anthropometric measures and dietary and exercise patterns, which tend to be maintained into adulthood where they have a major impact on chronic disease.


Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Nora O’Brien & Dr Tom O‘Connor, University College Cork


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The PhD thesis is available on request and can be accessed through University College Cork