3. Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Dietary patterns, food intakes, attitudes and their determinants among low socio-economic adults and children and an in depth quantitative and qualitative analyses

Project Reference:




Commencement Date:

October, 2004

Project Duration:

36 months


Numerous studies have documented socio-economic differences in nutrient and food intakes, with intakes further from dietary guidelines among individuals of lower socio-economic status. safefood therefore, commissioned a diet and nutrition survey/analysis of low-income consumers on the island of Ireland to provide statistically robust data on food consumption patterns and nutrient intake.

The survey was representative of the low-income groups in the population of the whole island of Ireland and included both adults and children. This study shed light on the underlying factors (socio-demographic, attitudinal, behavioural and anthropometric) as to why low-income consumers have the dietary patterns they do.

Principal Contractor(s):

Dr John Kearney, Dublin Institute of Technology


Dr Barbara Stewart Knox, University of Ulster

Dr Sinead McCarthy, Trinity College Dublin



Food and nutrient intake and attitudes among disadvantaged groups on the island of Ireland