3. Nutrition & Healthy Eating

All-island learning from the "Decent Food for All" programme

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Commencement Date:

December, 2003

Project Duration:

36 months


The "Decent Food for All' (DFfA) programme aims to tackle poverty by increasing food awareness and improving physical and financial access to safe healthy food. It incorporates community education, healthy lifestyle choices, regeneration of local communities and markets, and sustainability.

The objectives of this research project were to assess the impact of a current DFfA programme in the Armagh and Dungannon Health Action Zones with a focus on all-island learning, identify how community-based strategies could support safefood's all-island communication and marketing campaigns on food safety and hygiene issues, and to examine how the DFfA programme, or similar community-based strategies, could be applied across Northern Ireland and the whole island of Ireland.

Principal Contractor(s):

Prof Kevin Balanda, Institute of Public Health in Ireland, Dublin


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Tackling Food Poverty