1. Microbiology & Food Hygiene

Food Safety knowledge, microbiology and refrigeration temperatures in restaurant kitchens on the island of Ireland

Project Reference:




Commencement Date:

April, 2005

Project Duration:

36 months


Catering establishments, such as restaurants, cafes and canteens, are a major source of food poisoning outbreaks. The aim of the project was to identify hazards associated with food handling, storage, preparation and service in commercial catering premises throughout the island of Ireland. 

This was achieved through a microbiological survey, an audit of 100 catering establishments, and a questionnaire survey of kitchen managers’ practices and food safety knowledge. A number of key areas where catering establishments could improve their food safety practices and overall hygiene were identified in the course of this study and appropriate remedial actions were recommended.


Principal Contractor(s):

Dr Declan J. Bolton, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin


Dr Ian Blair, University of Ulster, Coleraine



Food Safety Knowledge, Microbiology and Refrigeration Temperatures in Restaurant Kitchens on the island of Ireland

Peer review:

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