WHO publishes advisory document on obesity stigma

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have published an advisory document entitled "Weight bias and obesity stigma: considerations for the WHO European Region".

The document defines obesity stigma as the "negative attitudes towards, and beliefs about, others because of their weight". It details the settings in which people experience obesity stigma and its consequences.

The WHO set out specific actions on addressing weight stigma, these include:

  • Creating new standards for the portrayal of individuals with obesity in the media
  • Adopt a person-first language throughout the health system
  • Involve people with obesity in the development of health care programmes and services
  • Sensitize health professionals, educators and policy makers to the impact of obesity stigma on health and well-being

For more information on obesity stigma, take a look at the presentations from our stigma in obesity conference .

Posted: 08/11/2017 15:40:11 by Anne Parle
Filed under: Bias, Obesity, Stigma


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