Survey finds poor awareness of risk factors for cancer

A new study published in the European Journal of Cancer has found that many people have poor awareness of the risk factors for cancer.

Data came from the Attitudes and Beliefs about Cancer UK Survey. Researchers in the United Kingdom (UK) surveyed 1,330 people living in England between January and March 2016. Participants were asked how much they agreed that a number of items increased a person’s chance of developing cancer.

The survey found that there was poor awareness of some lifestyle factors associated with cancer including obesity, high red meat and low fruit and vegetable consumption. Low fruit and vegetable consumption was the least recognised cancer risk factor with only 1 in 3 people identifying it. Over 60% of participants recognised overweight as a risk factor for cancer, while less than 40% identified red meat consumption as a risk factor for cancer.

The survey also found that people believed food additives, GM foods and artificial sweeteners were risk factors for cancer, however there is no known association between these factors and cancer development.

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Posted: 01/05/2018 12:12:46 by Tracey Thompson
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