Five healthy habits may increase life expectancy by ten years or more

Research from the United States has reported that following five healthy habits may add more than ten years to your life.

Researchers used data from the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study to examine how following five healthy behaviours affected a person’s life expectancy. The five healthy behaviours were:

  1. Eating a healthy diet
  2. Exercising regularly (greater than 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day)
  3. Not smoking
  4. Keeping a healthy body weight (body mass index of 18.5 to 2.49 kg/m2)
  5. Moderate alcohol consumption

The researchers found that following these five healthy habits could add up to 14 years to life expectancy for females and up to 12 years for males compared to individuals who did not adopt the healthy habits.

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Posted: 16/05/2018 09:18:44 by Anne Parle
Filed under: Alcohol, BMI, Diet, Exercise, Healthy habits, Smoking, Weight


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