An end to smoothies and fruit juices in school canteens is on the cards as part of a campaign to tackle childhood obesity in Scotland

The Scottish government announced last week a new strategy to lower sugar limits in schools by tackling fruit juices and smoothies in school canteens. This measure may eventually affect yoghurts and some breakfast cereals.

The Scottish Government aims to reduce obesity in children by half by 2030.

A recent expert review of the school meal scheme in Scotland proposes measures like:

  • Increasing access to fresh fruit and vegetables with a minimum of two portions of veg and a portion of fruit to be offered as part of a school lunch
  • Introducing lower sugar limits, for example for foods such as breakfast cereal and yoghurts
  • Reducing how often sweetened and baked goods are available in primary schools
  • No longer permitting fruit juice and smoothies to be offered in primary and secondary schools
  • Introducing a new regulation for red meat which specifies, for the first time, how much of a child’s weekly intake should be high-quality produce and limits the amount of processed meat.

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Posted: 18/06/2018 15:43:55 by Sarah Cassidy
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