Sleep and obesity

Sleeping for longer each night could lead to a healthier diet according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Research was carried out in adults aged 18-64 years who typically slept for less than the recommended minimum for adults of seven hours per night. As part of the study participants were put into two groups, the sleep extension group received a personalised sleep consultation with the goal of extending sleep by 1-1.5 hours per night. The other group received no intervention in their sleep patterns.

The study found that those who received the sleep consultation increased their sleep duration significantly and had a 10g reduction in intake of free sugars compared with those who did not receive the sleep consultation. The researchers also found reductions in intakes of fat and carbohydrates in the sleep consultation group.

Sleep is an easily modifiable factor and getting adequate rest is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Posted: 18/01/2018 13:07:09 by Anne Parle
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