Availability of processed foods linked to obesity

Researchers have found an association between the availability of processed food in the home and obesity.

Researchers looked at "ultra-processed foods". These foods are highly processed and made from substances not usually used in cooking such as flavours, colours and sweeteners. Examples include soft drinks, sweet and savoury packaged snacks, mass-produced packaged breads and biscuits and poultry and fish "nuggets". Data was used from 19 European countries including Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The study found a positive association between household availability of processed foods and the prevalence of obesity. For each percentage point increase in the household availability of processed foods there was a 0.25% increase in obesity prevalence.

This study is part of a dedicated issue to "Ultra-processed" foods in the Public Health Nutrition Journal this month.

For more information on maintaining a healthy diet take a look at the Food Pyramid and the Eatwell Guide.

Posted: 18/01/2018 12:56:39 by Anne Parle
Filed under: Obesity, Processed food


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