Additional costs of overweight and obesity

A study published in the Journal Obesity has predicted the additional costs associated with having overweight or obesity throughout adult life in the United States (US).

Researchers predicted the direct medical costs, productivity losses and societal costs associated with obesity in the US. They found that costs increased for patients with overweight or obesity compared to patients with a normal weight as they aged, peaking at age 50.

For a metabolically healthy 20 year old with obesity it is estimated that they will have additional lifetime costs of $56,220 compared to a 50 year old who has additional lifetime costs of $72,323.

The researchers noted the benefits of weight reduction. The additional costs of having overweight or obesity reduced as patients lost weight and moved from having obesity to overweight to a normal weight.

safefood recently published a similar report, "What are the estimated costs of childhood overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland?". In comparison to the US paper the safefood report estimated the lifetime costs of childhood overweight and obesity. Similar to the US paper the safefood report highlighted the savings that could be made by a reduction in weight.


Posted: 07/12/2017 10:28:06 by Anne Parle
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