Global Nutrition Report

The Global Nutrition Report was released this week and reported that one in three members of the global population is malnourished, and the problem exists in every country. Although countries are increasingly meeting goals for combating stunting and wasting, adult obesity, another form of malnutrition, is growing.

Improved nutrition could reduce rates of malnutrition, reduce rates of obesity and lead to financial savings. Some points from the report are highlighted below:

  • 2-4% of healthcare expenses in Europe go towards obesity treatment. In the USA. the figure is in the range of 5-20%.
  • Many countries are not on target to meet World Health Assembly targets on nutrition.
  • There are no agreed upon set of actions currently for addressing both undernutrition and obesity/nutrition-related non-communicable diseases. Steps to creaste more enabling political environments, healthier food environments and nutrition friendly food systems, as well as to promote nutrition in children's first 1,000 days, all offer opportunities for addressing both kinds of malnutrition, simultaneously. 
Posted: 18/09/2015 09:16:46 by Laura Keaver


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