Portion, package or tableware size for changing selection and consumption of food

This Cochrane review provides the most conclusive evidence to date that acting to reduce the size, availability and appeal of larger-sized portions, packages and tableware has potential to reduce the quantities of food that people select and consume by meaningful amounts.

30/09/2015   by Laura Keaver  

Physical activity strategy for the WHO European Region 2016–2025

The World Health Organisation launched their physical activity strategy for 2016 - 2025 this week.

18/09/2015   by Laura Keaver  

Trans Fats

The British Medical Journal this week highlighted some papers in the area of trans fats.

18/09/2015   by Laura Keaver  

Global Nutrition Report

The Global Nutrition Report was released this week an reported that one in three members of the global population is malnourished, and the problem exists in every country. 

18/09/2015   by Laura Keaver  

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