Food portion sizes and dietary quality in Irish children and adolescents

New research (PDF, 500KB) on relationships between the portion sizes of a range of foods commonly consumed by Irish children and adolescents and key indicators of dietary quality on the days they were consumed.

This research was carried out using data from the National Children’s Food Survey and the National Teens’ Food Survey and included those aged 5-17 years old.

The main findings were that lower energy density and saturated fat intakes, and higher dietary fibre intakes were observed on the days larger portions of fruit, vegetables and boiled potatoes were consumed, while higher energy density and lower micronutrient intakes were observed on the days larger portions of sugar-sweetened beverages were consumed.

Findings from the current work will form an evidence base from which more specific dietary guidance relating to portion size may be developed. 

Posted: 19/09/2014 08:24:00 by Laura Keaver


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