Childhood obesity levels stabilising

New research from the Republic of Ireland suggests that childhood obesity rates have stabilised.

14/10/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Healthy diet costs three times that of junk food

New research by the University of Campbridge has shown that eating healthily can cost three times as much as consuming unhealthy food - and this price gap is widening.

10/10/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Combating obesity through national school food policies across Europe

The European Commission have published a report looking at the nutrition related content of school food policies across Europe.

08/10/2014   by Laura Keaver  

Long-standing health conditions among three-year-old children in the Republic of Ireland in 2011

The Institute of Public Health have released a report showing that around 11,000 three-year olds in Ireland have at least one serious long-standing health condition.

07/10/2014   by Laura Keaver  

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