Mother's Trans Fat Consumption Linked to Baby's Size

A new study by Harvard School of Public Health found that women who ate more food containing Trans fats, such as fried foods and baked goods, gave birth to larger babies. The study involved 1400 pregnant women in Boston. Lead author Juliana Cohen stated that this does not prove that Trans fats alone boost foetal growth, and it is not known how harmful exposure to Trans fats may be for babies. But larger babies and their mothers do face health risks. Babies may need to be delivered by Caesarean-section and may grow up with increased risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Read more about the study in the Harvard School of Public Health. Keeping Trans fat intake low has been part of healthy eating guidelines for a number of years. Common foods that contain Trans fats include; margarine, cooking oils, cakes and biscuits.

For further information about Trans fats check out The European Food Safety Authority website.

Posted: 21/10/2011 14:40:14 by Christine Connolly


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