Growing Up in Ireland Qualitative Findings

Key findings from the Growing Up in Ireland qualitative study were recently published. The report summarised the findings of the in-depth study with nine-year-old children and their parents in 120 families selected from the 8,570 who had participated in the quantitative survey and were subsequently interviewed about their views and experiences.

The children felt that the main things that keep people healthy are eating well and exercise. They generally showed a keen awareness of foods that were bad for them. The children classified as obese or overweight were able to articulate what they saw as the cause of their problem. Healthy eating programmes in school and in after-school programmes had a positive effect on children’s awareness of healthy eating. The qualitative findings, combined with the main quantitative survey showed that while children are knowledgeable about healthy and unhealthy foods, many still eat unhealthy food. These foods are tasty, cheap, easy to prepare and widely available.

Check here for further information about Growing Up in Ireland National Longitudinal Study of Children

Posted: 07/10/2011 12:18:20 by Barbara Whelan


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