A lack of sleep can cause weight gain

Missing out on sleep can increase calorie intake according to researchers in the United Kingdom. People who were deprived of sleep consumed extra calories on the days they did not have enough sleep.

Researchers from Kings College London combined 11 studies involving a total of 172 people that examined sleep, energy intake and energy expenditure. Sleep deprivation is described as “restricted but not complete elimination of sleep” in the study. Deprived sleep was defined as anywhere between 3 and a half hours and 5 and a half hours sleep. This was compared with adequate sleep which ranged from 7 hours to 12 hours.

Participants who were sleep deprived had a higher energy intake, consuming 385 kcal more compared to individuals who had an adequate night’s sleep. There was no difference reported in energy expenditure between the two sleep groups. Researchers also found that individuals who slept less favoured fat intake (at the cost of protein) slightly more than individuals who were not sleep deprived.

This study suggests a continued lack of sleep may lead to long-term weight gain. Sleep is an easily modifiable factor and getting adequate rest is important for a healthy lifestyle.


Posted: 03/11/2016 11:47:03 by Anne Parle
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